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About HST

The Enrollment Network has always believed that every person deserves an affordable, comprehensive health insurance plan. Therefore, we have always focused on consumer driven health insurance plans for both business organizations and individuals with affordable health insurance rates. You will have access to the best rates available.

With our focused approach to healthcare, we make sure you have complete control over your coverage. Our company works with the top five health insurance providers. This allows us to find a suitable plan according to your specific needs and budget. We don't believe in offering a generic health insurance plan to our customers.

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The Enrollment Network
225 Water St. Suite B-236
Plymouth MA, 02360

What is Consumer Driven Healthcare?

The concept of consumer driven healthcare is based on encouraging people to pay for preventative care and general wellness through a tax free health savings account, while reducing their expense and keeping them healthier. If the covered person becomes sick or ill, a high deductible plan is there to help control costs.

The Enrollment Network was founded in 2007. The primary goal of the company was to make quality healthcare easily accessible and affordable to every American. Since 2007, the Illinois based (Lombard) company has expanded its reach across the country.

We have even been using independent agents throughout the country to provide customized healthcare solutions, specifically designed to meet your needs and budget. Contrary to the common notion, high quality healthcare does not have to be out of your reach. With our consumer driven healthcare insurance plans, you can keep excellent coverage within your family's reach and budget. With The Enrollment Network, you can be assured of quality healthcare.

What Our Customers Say...

I am a small business owner, and I was overwhelmed when I saw all the plans available online. Your team helped me find a plan to fit my needs as well as my budget. I am grateful for the time and effort that your agents spent with me.
Steven from Raleigh, NC

I lost my job and couldn't afford Cobra. I wasn't sure what to do, or where to look for affordable health. I found The Enrollment Network and they were able to work with me to find the best coverage that met my budget. They are a great company to work with.
Mary from York, PA